Edition 13: Inspiration Plus

:: A little bit of this + that to kick off your weekend inspiration ::

“In every moment of your life, you have a choice; to live your truth + light or diminish it. Be brilliant.” – Cory Booker

How To Succeed, a blog post by Seth Godin.

We Have Been Given A Gift by Jamie Delaine, a young Canadian wedding photographer. She’s one of my fave follows on Twitter + bloggers to read. And I love this post of hers about working hard.

Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling

Judging Your Breakfast – a blog about breakfast. Delicious!

Blackberry Fennel Pizza from Scaling Back Blog.

Kindness, it can cause a boomerang effect… [see video below]

 And yesterday’s Morning Thought..

Happy weekend, lovely people! x