How Do You Define Yourself?


How do you define yourself?

By  outward appearance – the shape of your eyes, size of your lips, or colour of your hair? Your accomplishments or failures? What about the words people say or type about you?

A TED Talk by Lizzie Velasquez popped up in my Facebook feed a couple of days ago and I’ve watched it numerous times since. It goes for 13-minutes and is highly inspirational and thought provoking (in the best way!).

See, Lizzie was once labelled ‘The World’s Ugliest Woman’. She could have retreated, bitten back or become bitter for having a rare syndrome that prevents her from gaining weight, but she didn’t. And now she’s redefining what it means to be beautiful.

Put the kettle on, make a cup of tea, and watch the Talk either below or click here. Note: you will most likely fall in love with her – she’s a beauty, absolutely hilarious, and captivating.

// Some quotes:

“You are the one who decides what defines you.”

“I’m going to let my goals and my success and my accomplishments define me, not my outer appearance.”

“Tell me those negative things, I’m going to turn them around and use them a ladder to climb up to my goals.”

“Brave starts here.”

Question: How do YOU define yourself? 

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