Kindness Goes A Long Way

photo1-6ed[pic via Instagram @bethjae]

These days I try to live offline more than online. For me, part of this involves working in a coffee shop at least once a week instead of being cooped up in my home. Working outside of home also means no internet and time for more thinking and writing minus the distraction of, “ooo this YouTube video looks interesting” or “yay, so & so has a new blog post to read” or “I wonder what’s on Pinterest” type of thoughts (HA!).

The other part of this is the human interaction. Simply being in the presence of other humans does wonders for the soul – whether it’s with the waiter, barista, or people sitting at the table next to you.

Today’s coffee shop encounter was specifically notable.

While working away, sipping on latte and eating fruit toast, an older couple started chatting to me: “You’re such a lovely girl. We’ve been watching you working and being kind to the staff… it’s refreshing to see.” They’ve been married for nearly 50 years and were seriously cute.

Sitting on the table amongst my notebooks was an Adore Conference* brochure, which caught the lady’s eye. Upon looking through it she said, “this is something my granddaughters should go to!” So I told her to keep it and that “oh, you should definitely come too!”

They were warm, friendly, and when they left I was reminded that kindness goes a long way. It was through my kindness to the staff that had inspired and a opened a door for them to say a hello, leading to an invitation. I didn’t know that anyone was watching me, and yet they were.

You never really know who’s watching your example, or what seeds your sowing.

Kindness is always fashionable. Offline interaction is definitely more important than the online. And taking the time to talk and acknowledge another person is always valuable – to both people.

Kindness rules.

* Adore is an annual conference hosted by my local church for women. If you’re in Melbourne, definitely check it out! It’s a beauty and so much fun. Trust me, you’ll love it x