That’s What She Said

maxresdefaultThat’s What She Said: Ten women. Five topics. One table. Honest conversation about issues facing women today.

Darling Magazine and SoulPancake partnered up for a great little series called That’s What She Said. It’s been gathering momentum online for its meaningful, raw, encouraging, inspirational and empowering content. I personally love the raw beauty of it – in words, heart, and excellence. Natalie Patterson is also a major highlight as she so eloquently brings spoken word poetry to each.

Below are the episodes (email subscribers, click here to watch). Sit down with a cup of tea, some chocolate, and open yourself up to be illuminated, encouraged, and challenged. You may even shed some tears (happy ones, because someone understands and has walked a similar path as you). Enjoy x

- Beauty & Body Image -

- Perception & Confidence -

- Aging & Death -

- Power & Purpose -

- Parents & Parenting -

- 10 Things Every Female Should Know -

You Leave A Trail Wherever You Go


[image source: Instagram @bethjae]

Storytelling through word and visual are my favourite. The ability to take a thought and express it creatively makes my heart flutter. These past few days I’ve been captured by the new fall issue of Darling Magazine - it’s a beauty. As I opened the first couple of pages, the photo/fashion story caught my attention – “The Anticipation.” Pondering the images of the shoot, the following gem came to mind:

// We make a difference and leave a trail wherever we go – by our words, deeds, where we look & our steps. Sometimes the environment may even look different simply because we were there.

Whether we realise it or not, we’re always leaving a trail and mark in our environment. Be mindful.

And stay constantly inspired by seeking out the beauty in your everyday living.