Difference Makers: Jess + Isabel

{Note: ‘An Interview With‘ was originally called ‘Difference Makers‘. Similar concept, just revamped.}

::: Difference Makers are those using what’s in their hand to make a difference in this world :::


Meet Jess + Isabel.

Two of the loveliest girls you’ll ever meet. They’re warm, beautiful, sweet, brighten up every room they walk into, + have a little sparkle in their eyes. And at 13 years old they are already making a difference in the lives of others.

In 2011 they wanted to help children going through cancer at The Royal Children’s Hospital. When they talked to one of the ladies working there, she suggested that they use the raised money to purchase new DVD’s for the children because the movies they currently have are outdated.

Through donations from their school, as well as selling chocolates + cupcakes, Jess + Isabel raised $450 + purchased new DVD’s. When the girls gave the DVD’s to the hospital, they were ecstatic + beyond blessed.

This year they wanted to raise more money. So on Saturday 24 March, they held a fundraiser: Cuppa For Kids.

Inviting the girls in their world, they put on a High Tea + asked everyone to please bring a donation.




The result? Over $200 was raised + went directly to The Royal Children’s Hospital. Wow!

Why do they continue to raise money?

“We want the children to know that someone is there for them…the mum’s going through a hard time, and to let the families know that they have support.”

During Cuppa For Kids, Jess summed up the purpose of the fundraiser beautifully:

“Your donations are showing that there is hope for them [the parents] and their child.”

And perhaps that’s what making a difference is all about… bringing hope.

To see how you can donate to The Royal Children’s Hospital, go here.

Photos: Courtesy of the magnificent Melissa DiGiacomo :) 

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