To aspire is to procrastinate

Aspiring: to long, aim, or seek ambitiously; be eagerly desirous, especially for something great or of high value”

“I’m an aspiring [insert desired profession].”

You’ve seen the Twitter bios + heard it in conversations.

They have this idea that they can’t call themselves a writer, singer, dancer, painter, musician, leader, etc., right now, but in the future once they achieve something first.

Why? I have no idea.

But that used to be me.

Until I realized that saying I’m an ‘aspiring writer’ indicated that I’m not currently writing. When I was.

After being challenged by Jeff Goins in various posts + eBooks, I decided to drop off the aspiring + simply say that I’m a writer.

I’m not someone who wants to write in the future, I’m someone who’s writing right now; that’s what makes me a writer.

When I realised that, everything changed. I began to take my craft seriously + passionately. I can no longer go a day without writing, because that’s what I am… a writer.

Think about it though: if you aspire to be something, when do you fully arrive at that place where you can drop the ‘aspiring’ off it?

Is it when you publish that first book? Land an agent? Reach 1000 blog subscribers? Get on TV? Are a reliable source? Asked to speak or consult? Have your artwork placed in an exhibition?

What is it?

When I was an aspiring writer, procrastination was the art I perfected.

Because to aspire to, is to procrastinate doing.

It puts this thought in your mind that you’re not good enough to do it right now, but in the future. And usually that future never comes because you neglect to do the work right now.

We fool ourselves into thinking that we have to be the best at it before saying that it’s who we are. When really, if we’re doing + practicing it, why can’t we say that that’s who we are already?

So whatever it is that you desire to be, stop saying that you’re aspiring to be it + simply do it. Because you are what you do.

And watch the beauty you create when you’re no longer aspiring to do, but are doing.